Tuesday, September 30, 2008

See, THIS Is Why I Picked Sonlight!

I had two emails in my inbox this morning- one was from Sarita Holzmann, who is one of the founders of Sonlight and sends out a weekly thing with tips and tricks to make school go more smoothly. I'll be honest and say I just started actually reading them last week, and I really wish I had started from the beginning. We haven't been doing an animal scrapbook and I'm going to go back and make one. Lots of other neat ideas in there too. It's a great resource that I hadn't been taking advantage of properly.

The other email was a notification that my last post had a comment from some guy named Luke. About three people read this blog, so I was curious. And it was Luke Holzmann, Sarita's son, who is now grownup and works for Sonlight and was sorry we are bored with the book and had even more ideas for us.

Thank you guys! This totally makes me want to get back on track and work harder to like the book and implement more of the strategies and all that stuff. Maid Marian was really excited about the comment from Luke after I told her who he was. WOW MOMMY! He reads the blog about my school? OH MY GOODNESS!!

He's right. Sonlight is not just a company that sells you books and leaves you hanging out there. We have felt all along like these people actually care whether or not school goes well for us, and that makes me so grateful.


Luke said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Kel. You made me teary-eyed I'm so happy. I am honored to be able to have a little part in your homeschooling journey.

All the best! Again, thank you.


Loni said...

How very cool. :)

Jenny said...

Hello! Another Sonlight user here. We finished "Apple and the Arrow" a few weeks ago. My daughter listened better when my husband told her to "be" Walter. "The Hundered Dresses" is also a bit serious in tone, but again, Katie acted out the story (she was usually Maddie) and seemed to focus better that way. The only negative I'll say about that book is that it made me cry!

Julie said...

Hey--Get used to that crying thing!! The higher the core...the more serious content...the more crying I do! But hey, if we're not touched by what we read, then we may need to be the tin man (ask for a heart ;) )
or change what we're reading, right?! Sonlight is so cool. We're reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz right now w/littles and I realized of the thousand times I've seen the movie...I hadn't read the book..and there's so much more to the book!! Oh, with oldest in core 5...lots of tears...Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes...core 4...the Terrible Wave...man, I have cried so much in the past 3 yrs. over books!

shoeaddict said...

Look how awesome! Meeting all these fun people who are like you are and who have been where you are now. That is so great.

I want to read the book now.

Kate said...

I'm so excited for you!

I was really impressed with what I read about creation/evolution etc. in the science curriculum. I was really impressed with the scientific approach.